Camino Day 34

I was happy to leave the grim Albergue and get some eggs and toast at the bar next door.   We reserved a much nicer place for the night.


By mid-morning we crossed this beautiful lake into the town of Portomarin. We had coffee, visited the church and got a stamp, saw this pilgrim statue and got a few groceries for a picnic lunch.


The walk today was nice but had times of really smelly barnyards. These unique small buildings are everywhere.  We tried to guess what they are used for but finally asked. The farmers use them to dry corn. We found a cow willing to be petted and of course the usual cat worship.


We stopped and had a picnic lunch of cheese, sausage and bread which we shares with a fellow traveler.  We then continued on together talking about opera when we came across this lovely spontaneous art instillation where I added my bit.

Pilgrim art

By 3:00 we were at our nice Albergue  The room had a view of sheep so later I was able to finally have a sheep and lamb encounter. One mama sheep was so friendly and insisted we keep petting her.

sheep encounter

Alexandra found made some friends her age and enjoyed their shared experiences.    I shared a picnic with my friends. I unfortunately have more allergy problems so had to manage another cough but I was tired enough to sleep well. Not so sure about my fellow roommates, a bit of revenge on the snorers.


1 thought on “Camino Day 34

  1. Hi Evans,

    I have enjoyed reading your blog. I am sure you are ready to be there!! What a trip. Looking forward to hearing all about it. Hang in there!

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