Camino Day 33

Since we were in a hotel and tired after our extra long day, we slept in a bit. Our clothes hadn’t dried over night so I put them in a bag hoping that the next Albergue would have a clothesline.

Our first town was Sarria which is the official start of the Camino for those who walk just the last 100 km for their Compostela. This takes most people a week to walk and is popular for those who don’t have time or desire to walk more. The Camino gets a bit busier and more commercial now but still very pleasant.

ancient tree

We needed to get new credentials-the official document you get stamped everyday to prove you walked—ours were full and we have to have at least two stamps a day for the final 100 km. No cheating from now on.  We also have worn through our trekking pole rubber ends and so were finally able to find replacements.

I stopped at this beautiful monastery, cloisters and chapel dedicated to Mary Magdelene. The central garden was beautiful.

Monastery of the Magdelene

mossy rock wall


The rest of the day we walked over hill and down the dale through farms and by friendly cows. The towns usually have German shepherds laying around but in the morning and evening they are hard a work as traffic cops for the cows coming and going to the fields.

We finally passed the 100km mark, a big milestone for pilgrims, we are a long way from our original sign with 790 km. Alexandra added our names to the makers too.

100 Km Marker

We stopped for the night soon after the maker.   I was too tired to go further so we had to settle for the basic and depressing Albergue that had room.  There were clothes lines for our clothes by the big trash dumpsters.  Oh well, I must confess I’m a bit tired of the public bathrooms and sleeping arrangements but that is part if the experience of being a pilgrim.


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