Ten of Wands


In February I drew another three cards to see what the Tarot wanted to talk about at the next Tarot study class.   When doing a three card draw, I often use a Past/Present/Future interpretation.   The Past is represented by the first card drawn and placed on the left.   This time I drew the Ten of Wands.

The hero in the Ten of Wands is trying to hold 10 wands all going in different directions.  They are about to fall to the ground and he can’t even see where he is going.  In such a precarious position he is about to lose everything or fall down and definitely needs to do something different to avoid a disaster.

I was the Ten of Wands last year, holding too many responsibilities at once.   I really didn’t have a choice but because of it I lost my joy for many months.    With one week’s notice, I had to move to take care of my mother-in-law in her home for 60 years. I had to unmove and renovate before I could move all while running a nursing home in the kitchen with 24/7 caregivers.   Most days I didn’t know what to do first.   There was always someone in the kitchen talking to me, piles of old belongings and books to sort and plenty of emotions to process.    The house hadn’t been updated since 1968 and I had a short time to make it liveable.   I then renovated my old house, had 6 weeks of company and took 3 big trips.   How I did it all I’m not sure.  I was definitely about to drop all the wands and then trip over them.

Over time I was able to finish the projects and close the nursing home in the kitchen but it has taken awhile to recover from the overwhelm and restore my joy.   I’m happy now and have far fewer wands which are nicely nestled across my arms.

Taking on too much and overwhelming ourselves is honored in this society and that makes for unbalanced lives.    So what burdens, projects, emotions, and obligations can you lay down?   How can you reorder what is left?   It is time to look at what has taken your joy and find a way to lighten your load.

plaid carpet

Very groovy 1968 Plaid Carpet


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