Ace of Cups

ace of cups

When my children were young I spent many happy years going to the local Episcopal church, but after a few years I found I had a hard time saying the Confession, then I had a hard time saying the Creed, then I started having a hard time taking Holy Communion.   I took it as a sign that I needed to go down a different path.   Now when l go occasionally to church, I see the Creed, Confession and Communion in a totally different way, the longing of our humanness to reach and be more.

The Ace of Cups is the Communion cup held by a left hand coming out of a cloud.   There is the Dove of Peace holding a communion wafer ready to dip it into the living waters.   Five streams of water representing the five senses flow from the cup.  There are many droplets of water in the shape of the Hebrew letter “yod” which are blessings falling from this triumphal cup.   The water streams into a pond of water lilies or lotus which means the awakening of the human spirit.   The little bells on the side of the cup are a call to service.

This cup is the Holy Grail bringing new life and blessing to develop new spiritual insights and sensitivities with which we can create an unending supply of love.   This card is often interpreted as a beginning of a new relationship.  It is time to keep an open heart and hand with your relationships and let them come and go as they please without control

I see the Holy Grail as the mythic longing for something more.  The Grail Quest is our Western mystic path for Christ Consciousness or Enlightenment.   When we take Holy Communion on a mystical level we are creating a dynamic flow between us and Divinity.   We are asking to elevate our consciousness to anchor more love and light in the world.


The third card for February’s Tarot class is the King of Wands.   I wrote about him last year and you can read that post here.


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