Reasons to Visit Sacred Sites #3


3: Sacred sites are located and designed to enhance contact with the spiritual realm. These spaces can actually be tuned like a musical instrument so that it resonates at a specific frequency.

I love music; it has always been a major part of my life. I always wished I had the talent to be a professional musician but alas that wasn’t to be my life path. So I’m content to play the piano for my own pleasure, listen to music and attend concerts. I love music and music making so much that I started my daughters on violin at four years old. What was I thinking? Fortunately they loved it too and music has been a constant in our lives ever since, our days revolved around practicing, rehearsals and concerts. Actually everyone’s daily life revolves around music because our entire Universe is frequency like a ceaseless song singing itself.

These cosmic songs are made of notes. Each note of the musical scale has a measured frequency. For example the frequency of the note A is 440 hertz. This is the note used to tune an orchestra and all other notes are ratios of that frequency. When the tuning of an instrument is off just a bit the discordant effect is very unpleasant because our ear has been trained to specific ratios. An out of tune piano, off key singer or inexperienced violinist makes silence very welcome.

Music is actually in every part of our being even if we aren’t fully aware of it. The Earth has a specific resonance and sacred sites around the world have their own special place on the musical scale. The Great Pyramid of Giza is reported to have the resonance of F#. I came across a website just dedicated to the sounds and frequency of Stonehenge. Colors, Chakras and Tarot cards also align to specific notes on the scale.

Different sites call people depending on their personal frequency. When you feel a pull to a place there is definitely a vibrational correspondence. This is why some people feel the energy of a place deeply having profound experiences or emotions while others find no connection at all or even have a negative reaction.

Everything is energy and thus frequency so when you resonate with a place, whether it is a famous place or your own personal sacred space you find healing and peace. Having a corresponding vibration unlocks doors deep within helping you access long forgotten memories and wisdom.

I love the idea of earth being like a giant harp, each sacred site like a string. When they are played together with love and reverence beautiful music rings through the Universe


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