Five of Wands


So what’s up with all these wands? This is the third wand card in a row I’ve picked. Can’t I have something big like The Sun or even better The World? Yet, when I look at the card and review the meaning, I know it is the right card for today, the reassurance that I’m right where I need to be.

Wands, or clubs in playing cards, are about skills and talents and developing and using them in yourself. The Five of Wands is about using skills in self-expression. The card has five young men each holding a large stick. Are they fighting each other? Playing a game? Trying to build a fort? I think it can be all three but the message of the card is to keep your individuality in a group situation.

It is easy for a group to swallow up an individual and we know how groups cause people to do things they wouldn’t normally do on their own. There are plenty of examples of the good and bad of this in history. Groups can also accomplish great good by combining resources for a cause. In the last couple years, there has been great change in the world inspired by large groups of people coming together for positive change saying “We won’t be oppressed anymore”.

As I join a new group, I reminded to keep my individuality, my voice and perspective. I’m wishing to join an online community and I’m definitely a newcomer to the group but I hope to be able to add something to this world-wide conversation that is uniquely me and useful. This card tells me that this is a good step for me and I do have something to bring to this intricate network. So I’m working on my skills hoping that the group will be able to benefit from what I have to offer, knowing that it is right for me to join the fun and help build a great playhouse.


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