A Pilgrimage and Ebook

My Book:

Pilgrimage: A Modern Seeker’s Guide is now available in e-book at Amazon and currently featured as a selection on Kindle Unlimited.  I would love if you would leave a review, it helps others find my book.

A Pilgrimage:

This October I’m going on a pilgrimage to Japan and inviting you to join me.  I’m not sponsoring this pilgrimage but there are spaces available for the tour. This is a chance to walk part of the 88 Temple Trail on the island of Shikoku with like-minded friends.  This two-week journey along this ancient trail is fully supported by an English-speaking guide.  We stay in traditional accommodations and walk a few miles with just a daypack to some of the best Zen Temples on this famous path.  The tour begins in Osaka and does include shopping at local markets and historical sites.  For more information go to www.okujapan.com.  This is a sister pilgrimage to the Camino, but this tour is not as rigorous as the Camino I walked five years ago.

My Blog:

This summer I’m finishing my last classes for my Masters in Depth Psychology and speaking at the Jungian Society for Scholarly Studies in Asheville this June. As I work on my last few papers, I’m going to take some time from writing new posts.  So please enjoy my favorite posts from the past and I will be back in October with new adventures.



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