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Pilgrimage: A Modern Seeker’s Guide is now available in e-book at Amazon and currently featured as a selection on Kindle Unlimited.  I would love if you would leave a review, it helps others find my book.

My Blog:

This summer I’m finishing my last classes for my Masters in Depth Psychology and speaking at the Jungian Society for Scholarly Studies in Asheville this June. As I work on my last few papers, I’m going to take some time from writing new posts.  So please enjoy my favorite posts from the past and I will be back in October with new adventures.



2 thoughts on “E-book

  1. Congratulations on your book and completing your Pacifica degree .( that time sure flew by quickly. ) May all your journeys be peaceful and productive. I’m happy we got to share Egypt & Peru. Japan, China & Far East are definitely on my “ bucket list” someday… just not yet. Have a great trip. All the best, Mary & Amaru

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