Camino Day 31

The Albergue was just before the last big mountain, so we were rested but our legs were still really tired. Just down the road Alexandra saw a sign for horses to take pilgrims up the mountain. So while we waited for the barn to open we of course found kittens to entertain us. Cat and kitten adoration is a big part of our responsibilities in Spain.

kitten love

We got the last two horses so we met the rest of the group in the next town. I like horses but I don’t like riding them so it was a big challenge for me and of course I got the energetic lead horse. Alexandra got this beautiful white horse which made her very happy. It was fun to be a horse pilgrim for a while and I definitely lost some of my fear. The scenery was spectacular and our legs were happy for the rest.

trusty steed

At the top of the mountain was a little stone village and beautiful church. We had some lunch and took in the view.

stuning view

Just a few more kilometers to go for the day when we met this lovely lady having a picnic lunch with her friends.

lovely lady

Our Albergue was very basic with disposable sheets for the bed. While Alexandra napped inside I laid in the grass and dozed while a group of young pilgrims next to me chatted away in a language I didn’t recognize.

We walked to the local bar for a really nice dinner with Norwegian and Danish friends.

Today we entered Galacia, the final section of the Camino. We have been walking four weeks now with only one week left until Santiago. After Jerusalem and Rome, Santiago is the next holiest city in Christendom and we are almost there.

happy hiker




1 thought on “Camino Day 31

  1. loved reading your posts – my friend and I are headed there Tuesday. We are the ones who are starting in Sarria. As I am labeled “handicapped”, this will be a challenge that I am praying I can live up to. Thank you for sharing

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