Camino Day 26

First thing in the morning I was greeted by the tiniest sliver of a crescent moon and Venus above a pink sunrise and I knew it was going to be a lovely day.

beautiful flowers

The breakfast was wonderful and gave us courage for a very chilly morning. We are on the last part of the flat Meseta, now we are headed to the mountains. A very tall snow covered mountain was our guide all day.

We had mid-morning coffee and croissant with other fellow pilgrims. Pilgrims are so friendly with one another and the languages mix easy. English is mainly the common language of the pilgrims but I can understand a lot of French and a bit of Spanish now.

Down the road we met a Spanish pilgrim on horseback. Most people walk, some ride bikes and a rare one rides a horse. This horse was magnificent, very tall and very soft. Alexandra is 6 feet tall and this horse towered over her.

Horse Pilgrim

We talked to some cows and listened to the frogs and admired the storks.

After lunch we crossed this beautiful stream. It looks like the setting for a pre-Raphaelite painting. We expected to see Ophelia or the Lady of Shallot any moment.

ready to paint

We like to stay in the tiny towns and the Albergue we chose for the night was wonderful. Bright, airy rooms with a central courtyard and porch with a comfy couch. Just a few friendly pilgrims made lovely company and our host made a delicious salad and spicy potato and sausage stew. It was a true Camino family meal. We sat around the table until 9 and sharing our lives and our Camino experience.


It is cold at night so we bundle up in our sleeping bags and the albergues
have extra blankets so we are warm enough and tired enough to sleep very well after a day of walking.

cockel shell windchime




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