Camino Day 24

Alexandra had almost an IHOP breakfast of fried eggs, bacon, OJ and croissant and it made her very happy. We had 14 miles to go today with no towns for breaks.

The weather was perfect, cool with a light breeze. Just out of town we came to the old Roman road that went straight through the flat farm land. In the distance were tall snow capped mountains.

Roman Road


With no pilgrims in front or behind the quiet road became a meditation. Just me and the land.

roman bridge

Alexandra and I took a few breaks to rest and have the snack I bought the day before. It was after 2 before we finally came to a small town for a ham omelette sandwich and ice cream.

The last few miles were on a tree lined path parallel to the road. We were happy to finally get to the town of Manzilla de la Mulas which once had a big Mule market.

dappled path

We found our Canadian friend and made plans for the next day and got some supplies and food for supper.

We stayed in the recommended Albergue in the center of town. The host was friendly and the courtyard full of clothes drying and relaxed people.

busy alberque

The Camino has become very popular over the last few years and although there is still a spiritual aspect much of it is more like adventure travel. I can best describe it as: a mobile international adult summer camp where drinking is allowed.

You make the Camino your own and it gives you what you came for and what you need. I have been very happy with the gifts I’ve received.

beautiful path marker




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