Camino Day 20

After this simple breakfast of a plate of toast and a cat cuddle we headed out of Boadilla to see where the road took us. Alexandra felt strong enough to walk with a pack and the trail was flat today. We planned to stop when she got tired.


cat cuddle

We stopped in Fromista for more breakfast. Alexandra was hoping for an IHOP with bacon and eggs, tall OJ, pancakes and waffles, but alas she was dreaming and we ate the usual potato frittata.

We walked down a dappled path along a lazy river and irrigation canals. For most of the day the poplar lined river was a new found friend. The weather was perfect and other pilgrims scarce so we walked, mother and daughter, happy in our own private world.

dappled path

For lunch we found a little food shack and playground in the middle of nowhere. While our sandwiches were being made we swung and Alexandra went down the slide. We were back 16 years playing in the local playground again.

Lazy River

Alexandra made the 12 mile goal easily and we found ourselves in Villacazar de Sirga for the night. We found a hostal across from the church and Alexandra settled in for a nap. I met up with some pilgrims to enjoy an early dinner in an old meeting hall full of pilgrim memorabilia. The food was excellent and the company was lovely.

As we finished I heard the church bells toll and I was off on my mission. The Iglesia de Santa Maria la Blanca has a very important Retalbo with the famed Virgin Mary Blanca know for her many miracles. An old man took my euro and stamped my pilgrim passport and then told me that Mass was at 7. I looked around and took my seat next to the tiny Spanish ladies that attend Mass every night. The ticket man turned into the Priest and sang Mass. At the end was a special prayer to Mary since May is her month. I lit candles and said my prayers knowing the Mary was there to give me and my dear friends what we need.

Santa Maria Blanca

The Camino didn’t originally go through this town but Maria Blanca became so important for her miracles that she became a major stop for the pilgrims and the Knights Templar guarded this area for the pilgrims.

We went to a small store to get some food for Alexandra and a picnic for tomorrow. We admired a beautiful baby and petted a big fluffy dog. Another sweet ending to a day in this quiet pilgrim world far way in time.



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