Camino Day 18

I’m sure there will be difficult days on the Camino but today was not one of them. We had a breakfast of two pieces of toast and two croissants–hmmm. Then the waiter thought we were sisters—-good man. Alexandra took a cab to our next destination. (She is better but not 12 miles with a pack better.)

With a cuckoo wishing me Buen Camino, and the morning moon pointing the way, I headed down the wide path through the whispering wheat. I got a late start so my fellow pilgrims were far ahead. No one in front, no one behind, I was alone in the Universe.

the path

As I approached the small town of Hontanas I came across a little hermitage shrine to Saint Brigitte. The Sunday morning bells of the local church wecomed me down the hill for a morning rest. I got a coffee and a egg and potato frittata that had a surprise tuna and mayo filling….double hmmmm. I visited with my friends until the bells tolled again and I took that as my sign to be off.

St. Bridgette

I walked along a tree-lined road until I came to St Anton’s church. Named after a 3rd century Egyptian hermit whose relics had healing properties. The niches held food for the pilgrims and animals were brought there to be blessed. The church is now a ruin but the only thing more lovely than a church is a ruin church. So I sat by the church and ate an orange in celebration.

St. Anton's monestary

The final mile was poppy fields. Every few minutes I would have to stop to take in the wonder of it all.

Santa Maria Des Manzanos

Twelve miles of walking, I got to my final destination, Castrojeriz. The hotels were mostly full but Alexandra found a brand new hotel that I think we will just stay in forever. The porch looked out over the valley and we reveled in the beauty and sunlight. We could be in France or Italy, it is hard to tell, but I think we are still in glorious Spain.

View from our hotel in Castrojeriz

Today was just pure happiness. The cares of the world were long forgotten as I walked across this beautiful earth. I saw the world as humans are meant to see it— one step at a time.

Blessed are you pilgrim if on the way you meet yourself and gift yourself with time, without rushing, so as not to disregard the image in your heart.



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