Camino Day 14

Alexandra’s cold got worse in the night and I was grateful we were in a hotel so that she could sleep in. Meanwhile I ate a sumptuous breakfast with fellow pilgrims and read in the beautiful lounge. This hotel in the US would be way out of my budget but very reasonable here in Spain.

After a medicinal bowl of cocoa puffs for Alexandra we headed out to walk. We planned on a short day so she didn’t get over taxed.

Today's walk

We left the region of Rioja and entered Castilla.

entering castilla

After 6 miles we sat down by a church to make a plan. Across the street was a Casa Rural– a type of hotel with just a few rooms. It was perfect, a lovely private bath suite over a bar. The bartender is Dutch and spoke good English and suggested we take the bus into Burgos the next day to give Alexandra another rest day and get back on schedule. Just the perfect answer to my prayers. Thank you Santa Domingo and your miraculous chickens for protecting us pilgrims.

casa rural

By then the church was open and we got to see this beautiful 12th century baptismal font with scenes of Jerusalem.

12th century baptismal font jerusalemscenes


For this tiny town, Redecilla, population 132, there was yet another golden church with this lovely baroque organ.

baroque organ

We ran into our Danish friend from a couple of days ago and had a lovely dinner together. She gave Alexandra two packs of cough drops as a present.

Alexandra is a real trooper and hasn’t ever complained although she does wish there were “puffs plus” in the Farmacia instead of the toilet paper she refers to as ‘nose sandpaper’. Constant adaptation and gratitude is a big part of the experience.


“Blessed are you pilgrim, if what concerns you is not to arrive, as to arrive with others.”



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