Camino Day 10

May 10th–

After being fortified by boiled eggs and Nutella, we headed west as usual. My knee is better so I carried my pack again. So far we have had no feet problems and our shins are in good shape so walking is a pleasure and not a chore.


Around 9:30 Alexandra spotted a mother cat with two black kittens. She fed the mother some cheese and admired her precious babies. I think of black cats as good luck and now I have seen 3. We stopped and got some coffee and strawberries and rested along with our fellow travelers.


Another octagonal church in the next town, gleaming in the morning sun was unfortunately closed. With 12 miles to go today we trudged on up hill and down vale.


The scenery has changed quite a lot and now is much more arid with pine and sage and olive trees and vineyards. I found this lovely ancient vine still willing to grow leaves and soon grapes.


More steep hills awaited and I was grateful I did so much training this year. I feel triumphal at the top as I grow stronger everyday.

We arrived in Vianna around 1:30 and went in search of lunch. It was a challenge but were finally rewarded with salad, roast chicken, and beer. Our lunch companions were Danish and we enjoyed their company

When the Albergue cleared out a bit in the afternoon, I found a small corner of AstroTurf in the minuscule courtyard where I could put my “yoga mat” and with the wafting incense of ashtray I stretched and relaxed.

I and a couple of fellow travelers went in search of a good time and tapas on a Saturday night but instead found the golden cathedral and Mass. A beautiful conclusion to another day in paradise.




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