Camino Day 8

May 8—

We headed out around 7:45 to Puerta de la Reina where I got some extra cash. I heard singing and stopped to find it was nuns with pure voices reverberating in a golden chapel. The priest gave the final blessing followed by more angelic singing. Just the blessing I needed to start the day.

We crossed the 11th century bridge built to protect the pilgrims from thieving ferrymen.

The first challenge was a very long, steep trudge up a hill. I made it to the top just as my iPod played the crashing gong in Puccini’s Turandot as Calif accepted Turandot’s riddle challenge and I accepted the Camino’s challenge. The Buddha was there to greet me with more blessings.


The wheat was meditating in silence today so the poppies sang me down the path instead with their melodies in the key of red.


I had salad and beer in Lorca with an old Indian man. He took a selfie of us and now I’m in his photo memory.

More gentle paths and a final big hill lead me to an entire field of poppies singing their version of the hallelujah chorus.


The final town was in site and we were headed to Casa Magica and it was magic.


What would have been primitive accommodations in the USA was 5 star luxury in pilgrim land. Single beds (not bunk beds) fancy communal baths with rain head showers, ample clothes lines in the sun and hammocks in the shade. We were jumping for joy. I had my afternoon orange and a swing in the hammock visiting with my fellow pilgrims. Supper was lovely with salad and peas, fish and wine. A lovely end to a beautiful day.



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