Camino Day 6

Tuesday May 6 ~

I now have a very simple morning routine: contacts, toothbrush, lotion and hairband—3 minutes max. Then pack my sleeping bag, have toast and coffee and I’m off.
Officially crossing into Pamplona by the Magdalene bridge we made our way through the ancient fortress walls to the modern city.

Magdalene Bridge

We were in search of trekking poles, cash and the cathedral. Trekking poles were easy. The Cathedral had one of the most beautiful cloisters I have ever seen.

Cloisters Pamploma Cathedral

The cash was a much bigger trial. I’ve never had trouble with ATM’s in other countries but Spain hasn’t been helpful. The machines are few and far between, haven’t worked or hate my card. After 5 attempts, help came again in the form of the Australians who shared their taxi to Roncesvalles 3 days ago. They interpreted at the bank and found a happy machine. We can eat again.
By then this country girl was ready to flee the big city. The trees in the park were snowing and the cotton drifts were everywhere. Still going slowly we just went to the next town and found an enchanted Albergue complete with flowers and turtles.

Feeding the turtles
I fed the turtles their 5 pm dinner of cat food.

I practiced yoga under the trees, read and ate the most delicious orange.

My yoga studio

Alexandra of course had an afternoon nap to make up for months of little sleep. She has finally found a few pilgrims her age that can speak her youthful dialect. She has been very patient with the over 50 crowd.  We hope to pick up the pace but for today we have all the time in the world.



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