Camino Day 5

Morning Stroll

Monday May 5th

We started toward Pamplona and found this beautiful ewe. After she and Alexandra had a lovely conversation she agreed to have her picture taken.

camino sheep

The sun was shinning, the wild flowers were beautiful and all was right with the world. Mid-morning we came across the metal pilgrim who invited us to rest a bit with a coffee and sandwich. We were happy to oblige.

Stiff Pilgrim
After climbing a steep hill we visited a beautiful small church dedicated to St Stephen. There was a place to write my prayer and then I sent out the same prayer to the world when I climbed to the bell tower and rang the ancient bell. A couple of hours later we crossed a 12th century bridge into Trinidad de Arres. The chapel next to the bridge had stairs worn down from a thousand years of pilgrims.

12th century bridge
We found a clean but austere Albergue (the official name of Camino hostels) and I went to read by the waterfall while Alexandra had her afternoon nap time. I was glad I brought a Kindle full of books since I’ve had plenty of reading time. Our roommates were a Norwegian father and son. We are now adjusted to our vagabond life. Still going slow because of shin splints but savoring every moment.

camino scenery




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