The Queen of Cups

queen of cups

I think we can all relate to our beautiful Queen of Cups. She is holding an elaborate lidded cup in her hands but she is afraid of opening it. She doesn’t know if she wants to deal with what is inside. Since cups are feelings and emotions, she’s not sure she is ready to face the emotions that are released when she opens the lid

Maybe it is a problem that seems just too difficult. Maybe this is a project you need to start but are procrastinating. We all have a long list of things we are avoiding. My list looks like this; bank statements, bathroom scales, messy basements, annoying relatives. You could also add things like books you want to write, wills that need updating, relationships that need mending etc. Eventually you have to face everything if you plan on being a fully functioning adult.

Our sweet Queen needs to open the lid and do something. The issue won’t go away by worry or ignoring it. The worry and procrastination usually makes things more difficult than they need to be. So do something! Face and embrace life head on, it won’t go away by ignoring it.

The Cherubs signal the guardianship of the Divine. If the problem or task is overwhelming ask for guidance from our ever-present unseen helpers. Use the Queen’s introspection to see what is the true underlying block or fear. Often when the block is identified the situation can be released.

The Buddha says we always have 83 problems. When one goes away a new one comes to replace it. He says the 84th problem is that we think we should have no problems.


7 thoughts on “The Queen of Cups

  1. This was a beautiful perspective on the most essential aspect of this card! I lovingly and respectfully add that in some instances, she covers her cup because she covets. Jealousy, insecurity, vanity, and sometimes out-and-out stubbornness can make her clingy, needy, or just simply afraid to let go. She also reminds us to not hold grudges as they can dehydrate our hearts and detract what can be potentially new and replenishing. But, regardless of what she keeps under her lid, your advice is straight on! Wonderful post!

      • Absolutely! There’s nothing like it — it’s like a door opens and you find this hidden room filled with treasures and as you’re exploring, your foot accidentally stumbles upon a secret switch that opens another door and so on…

        I’m glad my foot stumbled upon this. 🙂
        Many blessings!

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