The Empress


I’m definitely a minimalist, I like white walls and empty spaces, kind of an early-Convent look.  On the other hand, my In-Laws, after great childhood deprivations, were maximalists preferring a high grand Baroque style with lots of mahogany and silk.  So when I was redecorating I moved their large, ornate furniture and silk drapes to Hamilton’s childhood bedroom, I figured I could change a few things after 45 years.   Since we call Princess Alexandra’s pink floral room the Princess room, I started calling the lavish Asian inspired bedroom the Empress room.   Queen Caroline loves to sleep there when she is home.  She says it makes her feel fancy.   Our guest either can’t wait to sleep like royalty in a bed so tall it requires steps or are terrified of falling out of bed in the middle of the night.  I’m sure the Empress in the Tarot would be totally at home in this room, she loves lavish.

The Empress card is about abundance and beauty.  She sits on her lavish throne complete with silk cushions.  She has a long beautifully embroidered robe and a spectacular crown of stars   As the mother archetype she embodies the beauty of Venus, the harvest of Ceres, the devotion of Demeter, the unconditional love of The Madonna and the compassion of Quan Yin.    The Empress sits in her Earthly garden surrounded by the fruits of her work in the material world.    She joins the spiritual and the material world taking action rather than just holding it in her mind.

The Empress is so abundant and good at manifesting that the Emperor sometimes needs to rein her in, he checks her credit card statements and closets and lets her know when she has plenty.  She loves to nurture and wants everyone to be safe and warm with plenty of cookies and milk. What do you want to manifest or nurture in yourself?

She is Mother Nature and her color is green.  Her number is 3, the triangle, the first geometric shape making the material world and movement.   The Empress says take action and plant your garden.  Use your imagination to make your life abundant and joyful.  Then go show her when you’re done and she will make you tea and scones.

She is the Native-American corn goddess Selu and asks “Does your spirituality grow corn?”  Do you take what you have learned and put it to action and live with love and compassion or is it just ideas that don’t make you happier and just annoy those around you?

When the Empress is fully developed she is the very compassionate and wise mother.   When she is less developed she is the Dark Mother, Kali, perfectionistic, enabling, controlling, demanding or even cruel.    What relationship do you have with your own mother?  Do you need to forgive or ask for forgiveness?

Invite the Empress into your life and embrace your abundance on all levels, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.  Use your imagination to see that abundance is more than a fat bank account but a way of experiencing the world.  Have something lavish in your life, a silk pillow, a walk in the woods, bowl of cherries, kitten/puppy snuggles or hot bubble bath.  The Empress brings joy and love to your life so you can give joy and nurture everyone around you.

empress room

Empress Room


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