Knight of Cups

knigh tof cups

But what if…?   What if nobody shows up?  What if I’m terrible at teaching?   What if I run out of things to say in the first 30 minutes?   What if no one ever wants to come back?   Can you tell I’m good at second guessing myself.     It was time to start a Tarot class.   My teacher Rachael taught Tarot in my house last November and she wanted me to continue her work.    So in January several of her students braved the 7 degree temperatures to sit by the fire and talk Tarot.

I drew three cards, I wanted the Tarot to choose what I was to teach.   Rachael teaches the cards in order but I want to teach the cards in relationships so I asked the Tarot where to start.    The Knight of Cups was the answer.

The Knight of Cups is sitting stiffly on his horse tightly holding his cup, even the wings on his helmet are stiff.   What if I spill some?   What if I don’t make it in time?  What if the King doesn’t like me?  What if…?   This Knight is over thinking things and afraid of taking risks.  It all sounded very familiar to me.

This card says don’t be afraid to take a risk and challenge yourself.    There is water in the stream if you spill your cup,  the ground is flat if the horse takes off running.   If you make a mistake you can do it again.   If you don’t challenge yourself the Universe is going to find a challenge for you.

His cup is imagination and he needs to drink from it.   Do you have ideas and plans but never follow through?  Do you talk big but take no action?   You have to do something with your dreams or your life becomes stiff and barren like the landscape of this card.

The Knight’s robe has the Divine fish, he is dedicated to Divine service.   He is spiritual but just a bit afraid to live it because he doesn’t want to fail.    But really, what is the worst thing that can happen?   His failure is really in his mind.  Is it just in your mind too?

So Knight of Cups, it is time to take some action and take some baby steps to your goal.   Give yourself a 30 day challenge toward your goal and actually stick with it.   Don’t accept failure.   Here are some 30 day challenge ideas—you can do anything for 30 days—-writing, reading healthy eating, exercise, organizing, meditation, compassion.  Show the Knight of Cups how it is done.

I just finished my 30 day challenge, believe me, if I can go 30 days without bread I can do just about anything.    Let me know your 30 day challenge and I will cheer you on to the finish line.


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