Mother Meera

For this I come—to open your hearts to the Light—-Mother Meera

A few weeks ago was listening to the radio show “On Being”, it airs on PBS in my town every Sunday afternoon. ( The host Krista Tippet was interviewing Gordon Hempton who calls himself an acoustic ecologist.   Gordon has spent his life listening to the sounds of the planet and searching for places that do not have any man made sounds.   He says there are only a handful of places in the US that are completely silent.  Noise pollution is everywhere all the time to the point we don’t hear it any more.

The great mystics and spiritual teachers have always taught that silence is where we meet the Divine.  In the modern world there is no more silence.   The TV is on all day long, the phones are making noise, we walk with iPods, cars and lawn mowers are a constant roar.  How can we possibly find a place remote enough to listen to our Soul?   Unless we stop and really listen we don’t realize how noisy and distracted we are.

I now live in the country but there is still road noise, airplanes, air conditioners, alarms, phones and a television.   The first six months I lived in this house there was a TV on constantly in my kitchen to distract my disabled mother-in-law and her caregiver.  I finally started turning it off during breakfast and the silence was like a tonic.  No news, no cooking shows or crime dramas, just quiet with my morning coffee.

The great Indian guru/avatar Mother Meera gives Darshan (meeting with the spiritual master) in silence.   Last week I went to Boone, North Carolina for my third Darshan.  You enter the room in silence and you do not make any noise the entire 2 hour session.   One by one each person slowly makes their way to her and sits at her feet.   She then touches your head and unties the karmic knots and then looks into your eyes giving light to every part of your being.   No words are ever spoken.  Mother Meera knows exactly what you need and bestows a blessing on you.    After the entire room has had an individual blessing she then gives a silent group blessing and then leaves.

Nothing needs to be said.  No one’s egos are fed by telling their story.  No words can convey the highest teachings.    She brings the Divine to each person equally in that sacred silence.

I do not speak but my force changes people completely.   The power of the Divine works in the silence and will change things according to your aim and what you ask for.  Sometimes I can give immediately what you have requested.  Sometimes it takes time. —  Mother Meera


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