What You Need


Alexandra was visiting relatives this last week and her Uncle Joel was telling her about ‘The Twilight Zone’.   She had never heard of it and I have never watched it so we settled in to watch an episode together on Apple TV.   She randomly picked an episode from the first season.

In the episode an older man was selling matches and shoelaces to people in a bar.   If they refused to buy anything he would then proceed to give them “what they need” such as a bus ticket, spot remover or scissors.   A few minutes later that object would be exactly what they needed to get to a job, meet a man or save a life.    The salesman could just see enough in the future to change it a bit.   All was great until someone got greedy.   Once again the salesman new exactly what was needed.

My teachers always taught me that the Universe always provides what we need.   Not what we always want but what we need for our soul’s next lesson or experience.   I wouldn’t always have chosen every experience but yet it was what I needed.

I try to actively be in the flow and not worry about what is next—not an easy task and takes lots of trust.   I can get anxious about bills and children as the next person.   While I have been moving the last few months the Universe has provided for me and everyone around me.   I didn’t need the white microwave but a friend just moved and did.   She was looking at shelving for a closet and I had extra downstairs.   My contractors were out of work and I needed them to be totally available for the move and remodeling of the old house.  Every day I find the right person to love the extra things I have.   I in turn have the people and things I need show up.

The ebb and flow is fun to experience when you become aware of it.   Just watch for the subtleties because that is where the answers are.   I’ve wanted my next car to have better gas mileage since I’m out in the country.   I’m now driving a wonderful ’97 Maxima complete with hail damage and no radio but I’m having fun driving a shift again and getting great gas mileage all for the price of a title transfer and new windshield wipers.   I got what I needed—-the Universe provided.

Last week I watched a documentary “Craigslist Joe” about a young man who lived for an entire month just off of Craigslist.   He was a lot thinner at the end but he had found places to stay and travelled all around the country with no money just a trust that he could find what he needed and the kindness of strangers.

I’ve been using Craigslist this year too and have had many delightful encounters, a lovely new family for my dog, and a good home for a chandelier and exercise equipment.   I have a brand new massage table, two hundered moving boxes and the perfect bookshelf.

Step into the flow of the Universe and see where it leads.  All you need is an open heart and a giving hand to get started.



2 thoughts on “What You Need

    • It was hard to give up our bulldog but we had to suddenly move into a home with my sick mother-in-law and her caregivers when my father-in-law died. The combination didn’t go well so we found him a wonderful home with people who could give him more attention than we could. It was a very stressful time in our life.

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