The Goddess


Isis the winged Egyptian goddess

Most little girls spend a great deal of time playing princess, at least mine did but what about playing goddess?   I always gave The Goddess equal time with bedtime stories and songs.  I wanted my daughters to see that the Divine was equally feminine.   We even named our cats after goddesses.   Alexandra innocently told her Church of Christ preschool teacher that she loved the Goddess and was immediately gifted a Bible to set her straight.

The Goddesses in Every Woman was the first book I ever read about Greek goddesses and Jungian archetypes.   I was enchanted and amazed that I could be described so exactly using Greek mythology—I had to know more.

Twenty years later the goddesses of the great world mythologies are part of my everyday consciousness.   I have statues of my favorites to remind me of their characteristics that I want to explore and embrace in myself.    When I need courage I call on Athena,  when I’m enjoying beautiful music I think of Hathor,  when I am maternal I see Demeter and Isis in myself, when I need to protect myself Sekhmet is right by my side.

My trips to Egypt were like going to meet these amazing friends and allies in person.    When we study the Goddess and honor the Divine Feminine we bring those stories to life and live the sacred traditions.   When we balance the patriarch society with love for these goddesses we are embracing our own complete self of an integrated masculine and feminine.  A few blog posts ago I wrote how the story of Demeter and Persephone was recreated in my life.   My gallery has a picture of my encounter with the Goddess Sekhmet.  I have another blog post about Athena in Nashville.

Athena, Demeter, Isis, Sekhmet, Hathor, Selu, Brigit, Freyja;   these Goddesses are the names and characteristics of energies that we can use to become whole and grow spiritually. Our human nature relates best to names and faces and so we have gifted our goddess our projections and needs and they gift us back courage and love.  Read up about a goddess in a tradition that calls you, Native American, Egyptian, Celtic, Greek, and Norse.  Think of her as a friend and helper on the spiritual path.  Call on her knowing you are calling those characteristics and strengths in yourself.


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