The King of Wands

King of Wands

Here we go again. Yet another wand card which of course perfectly reflects the current experiences of my life. These cards may be pieces of paper but the story they tell magically reflects our world.

The King of Wands is the fire king and represents our skills and talents. He sits on his throne, living wand of power in hand, flaming crown on his head and salamander at his feet. The King now has command over his skills and is ready to use them. He has learned the lessons of the 13 other wand cards and feels comfortable with his power. He isn’t threatened by other people’s talents and power; he is secure in his own accomplishments.

The salamander beside the King and on the tapestry behind his throne represents the element of fire that he has learned to control in himself. He is claiming his spiritual power and authority and no longer misuses his power to control others.

Spiritual power is not well understood because unlike worldly power it is subtle. It is an interior power and knowledge rather than an exterior force. David Hawkins wrote a ground breaking book, Power vs. Force, that is a must read for all spiritual seekers. He describes how seekers gain spiritual power as they raise their level of consciousness. Spiritual power is about mastery over mind and emotions to grow and raise the level of joy and love in the world.

The rules of spiritual power are totally different from worldly power. No one can steal it from you but you can give it away if you aren’t careful. When you have true spiritual power it can never be lost unless you start to use in for ego purposes. You are also not threatened by other people’s spiritual power because you know that their power only raises the love vibration of the earth and therefore supports your power.

This last weekend Amaru Li, a Peruvian Shaman, led a local drumming circle in a journey to meet the Golden Jaguar of the East to claim our spiritual power. It was a full moon in the fire sign of Leo; we asked our inner golden jaguar for guidance. After we shared our experiences in small groups and many people had very profound experience of healing with this powerful archetype.

This last month I’ve been reading Spiritual Power; How It Works by Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee. I’ve read it slowly, savoring every page of profound spiritual wisdom. Funny enough it has a picture of a wand on the cover. After you read Power vs. Force, I would definitely add this book to your list. This spiritual master knows true power and teaches how to combine the inner and outer worlds to live a fully integrated life so the magic of our everyday life keeps us in Joy.


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