Amaru Li

Peru 2011

Amaru Li,  Peru 2011

“Someone from South America is coming to you and it is very important.”  Hummm, South America? I’ve had a lot of predictions in readings that make no sense or show no obvious way they could happen. So I filed it in the back of my mind having no idea how someone from South America could be knocking on my door. It took four years to come true but in September of 2010 on a full moon Equinox, I was at the Knoxville airport picking up a Peruvian Shaman, Amaru Li. My prophesied Shaman was at my house. I didn’t question it, I just went with it.

One year later on the Fall Equinox of 2011, I was with Amaru on top of the crystal city, Machu Picchu, in Peru. The pilgrimage to the sacred sites all over Peru was enchanted by Amaru’s knowledge and energy making every step a healing experience.

Since that first meeting, Amaru Li has been to my house many times. It somehow seems natural to have a Shaman staying in my basement on a regular basis. There is peace and happiness flowing from my house when he is here. Timmy the cat loves to sit on his bed and in his suitcase soaking up the energy and hoping for some playtime with the laser pointer. Guinness the bulldog, “diablo muchacho”, to Amaru, is ready for his extra strolls around the block. I live to spoil Amaru with lots of home cooking and pie.

In the evenings Amaru will bring out his flute and drum and we have spontaneous journeys and meditations. The relaxed atmosphere allows my mind to go to another place and time and the magic is all around.

I have a steady stream of people come through the door for Amaru’s shamanic healing sessions. He is a modern-day man practicing ancient shamanic healing methods. Amaru has dedicated his life to the traditional path of the Shaman and has spent years studying and devoting himself to his work with the unseen, higher dimensions and holding space for healings. As people leave his healing sessions I hear comments like “I feel a clearing, cleansing of my chakras.”, “I’m so relaxed, that was magical.”, “That was the deepest peace I have ever felt.” ,“I was totally somewhere else during the session.” “The next day everything around me had such a glow.”

These traditional healing sessions can’t be duplicated by more modern techniques because it is centuries of training, initiations and devotion that brings someone in a healing lineage to their true power as a Shaman. Shamans come with this in their DNA, are chosen and then initiated to their work, keeping the healing energy pure and powerful.

The prediction was right. It has been very important. I couldn’t have imagined a Shaman at my house or a trip to Peru but thank goodness it came true or I would have missed a great blessing.

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