Reasons to Visit Sacred Sites #5


Abu Simbel,  Egypt

5:  Sacred sites function as tools to integrate the different dimensions.  Encoded into many sites are the sacred geometric ratios of creation which reflects the Law of Correspondence “As Above So Below”.

I was sitting quietly at the ends of the Earth.   I was truly nowhere, only miles from the Sudan, and at the same time I was at Abu Simbel, two enormous temples built into the side of a mountain at the southern most edge of Egypt.   An American woman comes and sits down beside me and says “it would look a lot better if they would fix it.”  What? Fix Abu Simbel?   In my world Abu Simbel was perfect in its imperfection, the temples built by Ramses the Great and Queen Nefertari (she who for the sun doth shine) said to the world “ you are entering the great and mighty Egypt”    This woman and I were clearly not looking at the same place.  We were in different dimensions, I saw pure glory and she saw imperfection.

It is our personal vibration that allows us to tap into the different dimensions of sacred sites.   When we vibrate at the same rate as these sites the doors of perception open to us and the site can be entered on a higher level.    I saw this over and over on my pilgrimages.    Those who go with reverence receive the blessing and the tourist gets beautiful pictures.    One young woman, inappropriately dressed for a Muslim country, stood at the top of Hatshepsut’s temple posing for her mother to take pictures that I’m sure went directly to Facebook.   She could have been in Las Vegas for all she knew.   While others stood on the same holy ground taking in the sacredness of the place.    The temple held the same vibration for both people but the young woman was oblivious to it.

These sites conform to our experiences and expectations.    They are there to bring us to higher understanding if we wish it.    The sacred geometry of the places set up harmonics that correspond to the higher harmonics of the Universe.   Like a harp string plucked then sets up the other strings of the same note vibrating.    It puts us in resonance with the Universal wisdom that site has to offer.

Sacred sites are easily able to keep their secrets in plain sight because without “eyes to see and ears to hear” it is just a great archeological site.    When I’ve gone back to sites more than once the power of the place becomes greater because I’ve changed with each visit, I know more and see more.    If our light starts to match the light from the Universe the site can work its magic.  We come in alignment with the Universe and can become “As Above, So Below”.


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