old lady and flowerschild and llama

Something strange happen when I become involved with Egypt, Peru started to call me too. How could a country on the other side of the world have anything to do with Egypt? I’m not the only one that gets called to these two totally different places. There are many things about those two civilizations that are connected such as the megalithic building sites and their many Temples to the Sun.

I was excited to add South America to my bucket list and happily headed off to Peru with Amaru Li, a Peruvian Shaman and several of my friends who were with me in Egypt during the Revolution. Funny that this little group would go to Peru together but we were so bonded by our shared experiences in Egypt that it seemed natural, almost necessary, to meet up again on the other side of the world.

Just like my Egypt trips, everyday of the trip seemed to be a lifetime. Ollantaytombo, Sacsayhuaman, Caral, Machu Picchu, were some of the most awe-inspiring places I have ever been. I enjoyed the markets and brought home lots of treasures. I loved the children in traditional clothes with their baby llamas. I ate wonderful wood-oven pizza and traditional Peruvian food. We stayed in hotels that were better than anything I’m use to in the US.

I will always have the special memories of Machu Picchu on the Equinox but it was the seeming ordinary experiences that also enchanted me. On the train to Machu Picchu we made a short stop along side of the river. Out of nowhere a tiny old lady and young mother with a baby tied to her back came up beside the train waving bouquets of flowers for us to enjoy and in return asking for a few coins. We opened the windows and dropped coins to them, a happy exchange for the beauty of those flowers.

The evening before going to Machu Picchu we were just ordering our pizza and the electricity went out in the entire valley. The waiter calmly got out candles and the pizza soon arrived. As we walked back up the mountain to our hotel, the quiet and the sparkle of the candles in the restaurants and the intense stars over the ancient mountains was an experience that was magical and romantic. At the hotel desk we were handed candles and headed up to our rooms. No light pollution, no noise from televisions or generators, just the purity of that holy land. Still no electricity in the morning but hot coffee and eggs were waiting thanks to a gas stove. I carried that stillness all day as I explored Machu Picchu, absorbing every rock, plant and llama wandering that sacred mountain. The everyday world receded and only sparkling purity remained.

Two days later we were headed back to Cusco after dark. When we got to the highest point on the road and away from light pollution we stopped to see the stars. Being below the equator, this was a sky we were not familiar with. The Milky Way was a sparkling river through the sky and thanks to an Iphone app we could identify some of the most prominent stars in an ocean of stars on the thick dark velvet sky.

The extraordinary was mixed up with the ordinary and the ordinary combined with the extraordinary, making everything at every moment sacred.

Tours to Peru with Amaru Li


Amaru Li

Peru 2011

Amaru Li,  Peru 2011

“Someone from South America is coming to you and it is very important.”  Hummm, South America? I’ve had a lot of predictions in readings that make no sense or show no obvious way they could happen. So I filed it in the back of my mind having no idea how someone from South America could be knocking on my door. It took four years to come true but in September of 2010 on a full moon Equinox, I was at the Knoxville airport picking up a Peruvian Shaman, Amaru Li. My prophesied Shaman was at my house. I didn’t question it, I just went with it.

One year later on the Fall Equinox of 2011, I was with Amaru on top of the crystal city, Machu Picchu, in Peru. The pilgrimage to the sacred sites all over Peru was enchanted by Amaru’s knowledge and energy making every step a healing experience.

Since that first meeting, Amaru Li has been to my house many times. It somehow seems natural to have a Shaman staying in my basement on a regular basis. There is peace and happiness flowing from my house when he is here. Timmy the cat loves to sit on his bed and in his suitcase soaking up the energy and hoping for some playtime with the laser pointer. Guinness the bulldog, “diablo muchacho”, to Amaru, is ready for his extra strolls around the block. I live to spoil Amaru with lots of home cooking and pie.

In the evenings Amaru will bring out his flute and drum and we have spontaneous journeys and meditations. The relaxed atmosphere allows my mind to go to another place and time and the magic is all around.

I have a steady stream of people come through the door for Amaru’s shamanic healing sessions. He is a modern-day man practicing ancient shamanic healing methods. Amaru has dedicated his life to the traditional path of the Shaman and has spent years studying and devoting himself to his work with the unseen, higher dimensions and holding space for healings. As people leave his healing sessions I hear comments like “I feel a clearing, cleansing of my chakras.”, “I’m so relaxed, that was magical.”, “That was the deepest peace I have ever felt.” ,“I was totally somewhere else during the session.” “The next day everything around me had such a glow.”

These traditional healing sessions can’t be duplicated by more modern techniques because it is centuries of training, initiations and devotion that brings someone in a healing lineage to their true power as a Shaman. Shamans come with this in their DNA, are chosen and then initiated to their work, keeping the healing energy pure and powerful.

The prediction was right. It has been very important. I couldn’t have imagined a Shaman at my house or a trip to Peru but thank goodness it came true or I would have missed a great blessing.

Amaru Li’s website

Reasons to Visit Sacred Sites #5


Abu Simbel,  Egypt

5:  Sacred sites function as tools to integrate the different dimensions.  Encoded into many sites are the sacred geometric ratios of creation which reflects the Law of Correspondence “As Above So Below”.

I was sitting quietly at the ends of the Earth.   I was truly nowhere, only miles from the Sudan, and at the same time I was at Abu Simbel, two enormous temples built into the side of a mountain at the southern most edge of Egypt.   An American woman comes and sits down beside me and says “it would look a lot better if they would fix it.”  What? Fix Abu Simbel?   In my world Abu Simbel was perfect in its imperfection, the temples built by Ramses the Great and Queen Nefertari (she who for the sun doth shine) said to the world “ you are entering the great and mighty Egypt”    This woman and I were clearly not looking at the same place.  We were in different dimensions, I saw pure glory and she saw imperfection.

It is our personal vibration that allows us to tap into the different dimensions of sacred sites.   When we vibrate at the same rate as these sites the doors of perception open to us and the site can be entered on a higher level.    I saw this over and over on my pilgrimages.    Those who go with reverence receive the blessing and the tourist gets beautiful pictures.    One young woman, inappropriately dressed for a Muslim country, stood at the top of Hatshepsut’s temple posing for her mother to take pictures that I’m sure went directly to Facebook.   She could have been in Las Vegas for all she knew.   While others stood on the same holy ground taking in the sacredness of the place.    The temple held the same vibration for both people but the young woman was oblivious to it.

These sites conform to our experiences and expectations.    They are there to bring us to higher understanding if we wish it.    The sacred geometry of the places set up harmonics that correspond to the higher harmonics of the Universe.   Like a harp string plucked then sets up the other strings of the same note vibrating.    It puts us in resonance with the Universal wisdom that site has to offer.

Sacred sites are easily able to keep their secrets in plain sight because without “eyes to see and ears to hear” it is just a great archeological site.    When I’ve gone back to sites more than once the power of the place becomes greater because I’ve changed with each visit, I know more and see more.    If our light starts to match the light from the Universe the site can work its magic.  We come in alignment with the Universe and can become “As Above, So Below”.

Castle Howard

Castle Howard

Castle Howard,  Yorkshire England

The other day I was still sick with a virus and need to take a nap.  So to help me fall back to sleep I put on one of my favorite movies, Brideshead Revisited, based on a novel by Evelyn Waugh.   I know almost by heart every scene and every sentence of this beautiful mini-series.   I was 17 years old and somehow allowed to watch it when it first aired on Masterpiece Theater in 1981.   Brideshead Revisited was the one of the most important experiences of my teenage years, far more influential than a teacher or a book or any other experience for those were very circumscribed by my cloistered religion.   No, it was a TV drama that gave me the first taste of a larger world and new ideas.

This sweeping 13 hour long series is Charles Ryder’s story from of his early days at Oxford all the way to his service in World War II   and his relationship with the very wealthy and powerful Flyte family; primarily a mother, brother and sister. This family, the castle Brideshead and religion all shape Charles’ experiences and choices.   The scenery, castle, music and story line all enchanted me at such an impressionable time of my life.   I realize now after seeing it many times that Charles’ experiences and questions were to be the so similar to mine.  It was a foreshadowing of my relationship with a family, a house and religion.

As a child I never knew why I was an American and always thought I was supposed to be English.   I even felt exiled here in the US.   It was no wander that I was so drawn to this story and now I realize that it is also part of past life memories.  I couldn’t wait to get back to where I felt I really belonged.    In 2009 I went to England to see my imagined homeland.   The top of my itinerary was to visit Castle Howard in Yorkshire where Brideshead Revisited was filmed.   Somehow I expected the history of the Flyte family but instead found the story of the remarkable Earls of Carlisle.    There is room of the house with pictures and information on the mini-series and more recent film remake.

It was a magical day to see this house that I knew so well, the hallways and galleries and sweeping staircases.   It was sunny and warm that September day as I sat by the beautiful fountain that was purchase from Prince Albert in the 1800’s.   One of my favorite places was the chapel attached to the house, with stained glass by Sir Edward Burne-Jones, a pre-Raphaelite painter who inspired me.

Castle Howard was as much a pilgrimage for me as any of the great scared sites I have visited because it was so personal for my own journey to a larger life view, and a memory of my childhood dreams.   This pilgrimage healed something from the past in this life and other lives.     Since my trip to England I feel more at home in East Tennessee, like something was fulfilled by just standing on the land and seeing it again.