Seven of Swords


Conflicts are so prevalent in everyday life that we seem to keep ourselves in constant chaos.   Politics and media feed on conflict and the air is thick with constant opposing ideas.   Swords in the Tarot represent these conflicts and how we need to handle them in our lives.

The Seven of Swords is about sorting out conflicts and choosing which ones need to be worked out and which ones can be left.   The man in the picture has two swords in his right hand and three swords in his left.   There are two swords sticking in the ground with a camp of tents in the background.   He is looking back at the camp to see if anyone sees him sneaking off, trying to remove these conflicts before anyone catches him, like a covert operation.   Why does he need to do this?  Why isn’t he confronting the conflicts?

This card says that not all conflicts need to be confronted.  Sneak off and ignore them.   They are minor and unimportant so don’t make a “mountain out of a mole hill.”   Such conflicts are minor irritations such as laundry on the floor, a dirty dish in the sink, a thoughtless comment or rude driver.   Don’t be drawn into something that really is meaningless or just thoughtless.   We are all guilty of thoughtless acts or words.

There are other conflicts that need to carefully defuse not necessarily confronted.   By sneaking off with these conflicts the man has removed the danger of a potential attack.   Is there away to change a situation or at least change your attitude so conflict doesn’t get started?    With careful planning conflicts won’t get started.  For instance when family or friends are chronically late just plan to start without them.   Or an opinionated relative just wants to make sure everyone knows the best way, just nod and move on.   I have stopped wishing for a change; instead I limit my time with certain people, and don’t have any expectations. It is expectations of others behavior that upsets us and when we lose those expectations then our lives become more peaceful.

When this card shows up in a reading look to defuse or ignore potential conflicts rather than engage in the battle.  Just let it go and move on.


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