Return of the Light

the four directions

Blue Lotus, Egypt, Winter Solstice 2012

What a wonderful day. This long anticipated date has arrived with new energies and new opportunities. My husband and I went to my favorite place to see the sunrise over the Great Smoky Mountains. The cloud cover was low and only a sliver of pink let us know that the sun was above the horizon, the layers of these ancient mountains barely visible.

The new Light of the solstice sun is connecting the sacred lands around the world, from my ancient mountains here in Tennessee to the Andes in Peru, Himalayans in Tibet, and Mt Sinai in Egypt, awakening the ancient wisdom of these places and our ancestors.

Today is a wonderful day because for the first time in 2000 years the sacred Blue Lotus has returned to Egypt, gently floating in sacred Nile water. In every temple are hieroglyphs of this magnificent ancient flower. The Blue Lotus is one of the missing keys to the spiritual knowledge of ancient Egypt. When the Greeks took over Egypt 2000 years ago they systematically destroyed the lotus, and the power of the Egyptian religion. Now the Blue Lotus is back hold the vibration of the new Light in the world.

It is a wonderful day for the Spirit of Osiris has returned to Egypt. I was with my beloved teacher Page on Wednesday and she said twenty years ago her spirit guide told her that the “Spirit of Osiris” would return. She expected it to be a man, maybe the new president but that doesn’t seem to be the case. As she was talking we both realized it was the Blue Lotus that holds the Spirit of Osiris, life, death, resurrection and re-membering. Osiris is about resurrection as Isis “re-membered” him by finding his body all over Egypt and putting him back together so they could create the golden child Horus.

At winter solstice we are celebrating the birth of the golden Christ Child. In a few months near the spring equinox we will be celebrating the resurrection of that same Golden Child. This theme of birth and resurrection is critical to the evolution of humanity returning to the Golden Age. The Blue Lotus holds this energy of birth and resurrection and remembering.

The people responsible for bringing the Blue Lotus back to Egypt have had their own experiences of birth, crucifixion and resurrection in the process of re-membering the energies of Egypt. Modern incarnations of the ancient priests and priestesses, they nurtured the Blue Lotus against great odds so the vibration can once again ring through the land. On this day the Sacred Blue Lotus sings “I am back in Egypt and I Remember”.

This is a very special and symbolic day on our planet. The Light has returned, and the Blue Lotus is once again singing the song of Love.

lotus pond

Lotus Choir,  Winter Solstice 2012


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