Why Egypt?


If you ask anyone under 25 what they know about Egypt they will tell you about the animated film “Prince of Egypt”, a fanciful version of the Moses story.   If you ask an older generation they would likely talk about King Tut and the golden treasures or break out in the fun Steve Martin song.   Someone else will talk about Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra.   These are the versions of Egypt that are part of our mainstream culture.

The news media has also been busy in Egypt the last two years as Egyptian people are choosing to try new ways of government and making unending adjustments in that process.

If you ask me about Egypt I will sigh deeply with a look of rapture on my face, for I’m in love.    I wasn’t fascinated with Egypt as a child but as an adult started studying the mythology and religion of ancient Egypt.   I have since learned more of the history of the amazing land.   I have traveled to Egypt three times and each trip was epic and life changing.   A friend questioned my third trip, “the rocks haven’t moved since last year!”   Yes but I have and I must uncover the next layer of experience.  As I change and grow, more of the wisdom of Egypt is available to me.

My friend Mary, an Egyptologist, says that Egypt is “the Alpha and Omega”   It holds the memory of before we can remember and it holds the keys to the next chapter in our human existence as we move to the Age of Aquarius

During the last two thousand years while Egypt was lost to the western world and covered over by the sands of time, those stories and mysteries came to the West in the form of the Arthurian Legends.   The stories of Camelot and Avalon are the most recent incarnations and are the sacred myths and legends of our modern world.   Notice that those legends are everywhere in our movies and books, even the White House has been referred to as Camelot.  England held the next stage of the Light in our world with cathedrals, stone circles, holy wells and our current mysterious crop circles.

So you have to pardon me as I go on and on about Egypt and England for they have captured my heart.    I choose to see the spiritual dimensions of our beautiful earth not the fearful version our media wants us to see.     I want a reality that holds magic and promise, wisdom and love.  These things are all around if you know how to see them.   So join me as we look through the realities that are presented to us and uncover a new reality.


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