Six of Wands


My family’s motto is ‘Cannot lead, Will not follow’, reflecting some members’ wishes to be simply left alone. The Six of Wands calls us to take a slightly different attitude. It isn’t about leading or following but riding beside as a support. It says “I will support you in your journey and will be with you every step of the way.”

While the group walks along with their wands the rider of the horse is cheering them on with the laurel wreath of victory. It is a demonstration of evolved leadership, supporting the group not controlling. This style of leadership keeps a group moving forward while still allowing individual experiences and growth.

This is leadership for the new millennium and the Age of Aquarius. Through individual development of skills and talents the whole is moved forward. We don’t need to be playing King of the Hill but instead working together for everyone’s benefit. I have taught my children to be happy for other people’s achievements and good fortune, nothing uglier than raining on someone’s parade. There is plenty of glory to go around, so share the laurel wreath and encourage all those around to have their moment of victory. By being happy for other’s success we all triumph.


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