Reasons to Visit Sacred Sites #2

Callenish 2

2:  Sacred sites are connected with invisible astronomical and geometrical lines.  These lines have powers relating to healing and the expansion of consciousness

Around late 1999, I was in my local public library when a book caught my eye.  I checked the book out and went home and proceeded to devour it.   It had information I had never seen before and set off a chain reaction of reading from the references and subjects it brought up.

The Atlantis Blueprint:  Unlocking the Ancient Mysteries of Long-lost Civilizations by Colin Wilson and Rand Flem-Ath, rocked my world, describing a history of the world that was never taught in my school.

The story from that book that I never forgot was about the placing of the prime meridian.   When the astronomers of the day set out to decide 0 degrees longitude, Prof. Charles Piazzi Smyth argued that this important point on the globe should be through the Great Pyramid of Giza.    He lost the debate to the majority who were astronomers in Greenwich England.  So now longitude is based from that point, with our daily lives aligned to Greenwich Mean Time, a purely arbitrary point.

Had Charles Piazzi won the argument it would have made the placement of the sacred sites around that world much more pronounced, for they are systematically aligned.   The Great Pyramid is the “ground zero” so to speak of points around that brings us greater contact with the Divine.

Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert put forth the theory that the Pyramid Complex at Giza is in direct alignment to the constellation Orion.   Since that ground breaking work was published many more scholars, such as John Anthony West and Graham Hancock, have linked specific sacred sites to stars and constellations.   Carmen Boulter in her documentary The Pyramid Code, lays out the correspondence between the other pyramids and temples in Egypt with their astronomical counterparts.

John Michell, author of New View Over Atlantis, has many books about the sacred sites of England and goes into great depth about the sacred geometry and alignment of stone circles, holy wells, cathedrals and churches.

When you visit these places and go with a reverent heart these correspondences between earth and sky work their magic on you aligning you with the vast Universe and knowledge of each star and constellation.  They hold keys to information we need toremember, to move forward in human evolution.  The all important edict “As Above, So Below” is at work.

Our ancestors had a much closer relationship with the stars and constellations, the seasons and the moon phases.  They used these relationships in their religions and everyday life. It is time to be less removed from the stars and the natural cycles of the heavens so that we can connect to the vast wisdom of the stars.

If this subject calls you to look deeper there are many great books to explore.   I highly recommend the authors and documentary mentioned in this post. There is much to know and we have just gotten started, but hopefully these ideas will get you thinking or at the very least get you outside to look at the stars knowing that there is more to discover.


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