Stargate 5 149

So here we are, December 2012.   That long awaited month and year.   I’ve been reading about this date for years and it seemed so far away.  I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have my children grown and in college.   Funny how fast 2012 arrived.

I never bought into the apocalypse version of 2012.   I knew better.   I was raised in a church with an intense apocalyptic message and found it was a fearful and damaging way to see the world.   I knew people who were stockpiling food in the 1970’s.  Having heard the “sky is falling” a few too many times, I never got caught up in that madness.

The version of 2012 I prefer is the “cosmic reset button”, a chance to see things differently.   The Vedas, an ancient sacred text, talk about the universal cycle of the “in breath and out breath of Brahma”.   I love that we are now ready for the “in breath of Brahma”, bringing us back to the golden age of oneness.   We are just beginning that trip back but with each step we take we get closer and closer.

As with all return journeys things will not always go smoothly.   We have to repair the roads, get through the traffic jams and take the inevitable detours.   But we are the ones that get to start the process.   We get to take the first baby steps.   What a privilege.

We did leave clues to help us find our way back, ancient mysterious sites around the globe encoded with directions.   Just now we are recognizing that these places are the map.   When I stand on ancient hallowed ground I imagine filling up with the wisdom of the place and asking for the keys.   With the new Light coming in from the earth’s alignment with the galactic center, these keys will begin to unlock doors and decode wisdom.   What an exciting time to be alive.


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