The Knight of Wands

This is the first in a series on the Tarot.  I want the Tarot to be the guide, so instead of starting at the beginning, I will draw a card and let synchronicity chose the lesson.

The Knight of Wands is suspended in animation.   His feet are not on the ground.  He is trying to control his horse.   Is he to reign in his horse or is he to let it run?   It is not quite clear.   He does have his wand letting us know he has his talents and it is a living wand growing little leaves.

The Knight is definitely filled with adrenaline with that rearing horse under him, but, what is he to do?    Only he knows.   He represents someone who is in the middle of an exciting and new challenge.   Should he let his horse go and rush in or should he hold back a bit and see the lay of the land first.   What we do know is that his quest is about the eternal represented by the Pyramids in the background.   They are the symbol of the Eternal on Earth.     The Knight isn’t there yet.  He has lots to learn and adventures to be had but the Pyramids are definitely on his horizon.

So the Knight is youthful exuberance calling us to our next challenge, knowing he has the talents and the means to take on that challenge.  His fiery plume flowing from his helmet says that he has great desire for his quest.

When I see this card I have to think, what is next?  Where is the next challenge?  Do I need to rein it in and take a bit of a rest and see a few things play out first or should it take it “full speed ahead”?    That is the question I wrangle with.   Whatever the answer, the rearing of the horse is exciting and scary.   I’m trying some new things in my life right now, for instance, the newness of an empty nest with the girls away at college, and trying my hand at writing and finding my own voice.    It is all  a bit of a rush with very mixed emotions but that is what moves me forward to find new ways to use the skills that I have learn the last couple of decades.  I’m moving towards those Pyramids always keeping them in my sight.


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