Jean Houston

I was so pleased to see that Oprah has interviewed Jean Houston on Super Soul Sunday on OWN.  Jean has been a major force in the consciousness movement for decades and wrote many books that were a great influence on me when I was first reading all I could find on mythology and new ways of seeing the world.

The Possible Human, Jump Time, A Mythic Life, Search for the Beloved are all classics.  Her latest book on the myth of the Wizard of Oz looks excellent.

For many years, Jean Houston taught a quarterly mystery school in Colorado to help women learn to live a mythic life and enter the “mysteries” of the human experience.    I was so happy to get a chance to go to one of her workshops and see her in person back in September 1997 in Nashville, Tennessee.

I’m usually not good with dates but that weekend stands out in my mind, not only was I getting to see Jean Houston but it was the day of Princess Diana’s funeral.   It was a mythic week, two great women had died within days of each other, Princess Diana and Mother Teresa.  The entire world was in mourning.   Jean helped me make sense of this epic world event and see the mythological significance.    She said the world’s heart chakra had been open by the passing of two iconic woman.

Just being in the presence of such a great teacher and thinker changes me and helps open up new pathways and experiences.   I can vividly remember her walking into the room, tall and stately, exuding great love and wisdom.

I now see my life and those of my fellow pilgrims’ as a mythic quest and the hero’s journey.    I find that I have much greater compassion and understanding for our experiences.   I don’t know what dragons we each have to slay or mountains we have to climb, but Jean pointed out in her interview with Oprah, “We are all in this together.”


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