Reasons to Visit Sacred Sites

The Osirion

The Osirion

1:  Sacred site are tools for awakening.  Places become holy by the power of individual spiritual practitioner who visits there.  That power “charges” the place and is enhanced by ceremonies performed there.  The residual energy at a sacred site can change anyone who visits the site.

This is the first of a list of nine reasons I have compiled to visit sacred sites.   I think that sacred sites of all kinds, temples, churches, natural sites, Native American sites, mountains, vortexes, personal power spots are all important to visit and honor.

Places do become holy as people visit and find peace and joy there.   Many of the most well known sacred sites around the world have been pilgrimage points for millennium.   The temples in Egypt may be “just” a few thousand years old but that spot has been used for many thousands of years before that.   The current temple is the latest layer.   Abydos in Egypt has its beautiful main temple but hidden behind is the mysterious Osirion.  A temple covered by time and just recently excavated.  It is a layer completely below the main temple.

Chartres Cathedral in France is also just the latest layer on that sacred spot.   It was a pagan temple first, layered on top of sacred underground springs.   Our ancestors knew these places that held a special charge when they are visited, stood upon, prayed at and given offerings.

When you go to these places yourself all you need to do is go with no expectation, a reverent mind and an open heart.   All we can give is ourselves, our love and our knowing.  Knowing that we have come to be more, care more, and love more.

You leave these spots filled with the vibration of the sacred. You may not be consciously aware of what you have taken in but your body knows, your heart knows and the Earth knows.  It is there to access for the rest of your life.   When you think of that place you are there and you and the site are blessed again over and over.

Along with an offering, I like to take my IPod filled with the music I love.   It can be any music that uplifts you and makes you happy.  Sometimes I just have it on random and let synchronicity choose my music.  Sometimes I have a specific piece that I know will lift me up and is appropriate for the place.   Sometimes I choose a piece that I don’t know well and let it be new along with the place I’m visiting.    I can enhance my visit with music and it links my experience with a particular piece.   When that song is played again I’m instently transported to that spot.   I have one particular song that came up randomly when I was sitting on top of Looking Glass Rock in North Carolina.  Ever after the minute I hear that piece I am once again sitting on that crystal mountain taking in its vibration.

Thanks to the magic of the Universe we never leave our sacred sites. Once you have stood on them and they have worked their magic you are forever changed.


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