My Spot on Earth

Foothills Parkway

Pilgrimages can take you far away but you can also take pilgrimages close to home.  Everyone has what I call “their spot on Earth”.   That is the place you go when you need to be alone, refresh, find solace, ask the Universe for help or just be grateful and breathe.    The backyard or local park works.   Maybe it is a favorite friend or family’s home, childhood bedroom, porch swing or tree.   You know where it is and what it does for your very being.  It is your sacred spot and we make our pilgrimage there when we need healing.

My spot on Earth right now is an overlook on the Foothills Parkway. From this spot I can see the layers of the Great Smoky Mountains and the lake in the valley below.   When I need a special place I head there.  It is about a thirty minute drive from my home but every minute of the drive is beautiful.   I’ve gone every season of the year.   I’ve gone there to honor eclipses and ask for guidance before a trip.   I have taken friends there for a picnic.   One time a hunting dog took time out of his busy schedule to visit.

I start my pilgrimage to my spot with the drive there.   I open the sun roof and put on my favorite CD, something to make me know that all will be right with the world.    The journey up the side of the mountain makes me just happy to be alive.   When I arrive there is a beautiful vista awaiting me, calling me, happy to see me.   Our spot loves us as much as we love it.   I take off my shoes no matter what the weather and feel Mother Earth.  It gets me in touch with the truly sacred.   I say my prayers, voice my wishes and just breathe.   I give my hopes, joys, dreams and despairs to the Universe.   I like to leave an offering, usually something as simple as some cornmeal or holy water.  At the very least I give my thanks.

The day before my first pilgrimage to Egypt I went to my spot to ask the blessing on my travels.   When I got there the sun had lovely “sun dog” companions.   Those rainbows were the sign that I was taking a special journey.  I knew to take it all in because I would never see the pyramids and temples for the first time again.   It was like an ancient sacred book that I was being allowed to open,

Go to your spot or find a new spot.   Know that your spot is sacred and holy as any of the great sacred sites on earth because you love it.


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